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About Us

We enjoy helping wineries of all sizes seize the opportunities that will grow their businesses and foster long-term customer loyalty.

We Understand

It can be hard to keep up with the changes in technology and customer expectations. That’s why so many wineries work with a technology vendor to ensure they are up to date.

But we see our job a little differently. We don’t want to be your vendor, we want to be your partner. We want to provide you with more than just the tools you need. We also want to offer the services, guidance, encouragement and support that will enable you to benefit from the opportunities to come with it.

We're Fresh

Our business wasn’t started by a wine industry insider. WithWine was founded by someone who only started drinking wine three years earlier thanks to a chance encounter at a New South Wales farmhouse.

Thanks to this, we have not been weighed down by dogma and legacy products built on old technologies. We started with a blank canvas and approached people on both sides of a wine transaction and asked: “in a perfect world, how would you like this to be different?”

We're Customers

We’ve walked into bottle shops and were daunted by choice. We’ve come home from wine tastings and asked our partners: “do you remember what that nice red was?” We’ve gone to festivals and were handed paper order forms.

We’ve had the customer experience for the last decade and are motivated to improve it for the next decade. You are our clients, but your customers are our inspiration. We help you by helping them build an affinity for your wines and love what you do.