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The Power of the Email Receipt: How One Email Can Change Your Business

September 17, 2018

Let’s cut right to it. There’s a single reason you should consider your receipt emails a powerful marketing tool. Your customers engage with them.

Traditionally, email receipts have been limited to e-commerce sales. Thanks to the power of POS, this is beginning to change and could be a huge advantage for your winery. A study by Conversio found that on average these emails have an open rate of 70.90% vs 17.19% for normal emails. They also have triple the engagement rate and customers spent nearly double the time reading them compared to other emails. 

So there’s no question that you should consider these receipts the chance to engage with your customers again. They’re right there.

The question is how do you do it?

Make Recommendations

The power of recommendations is incredible. Research in 2017 found that 26% of revenue for e-commerce sites was due to recommendations. Doesn’t sound that impressive? Consider that website visits due to recommendations were only 7%.

How is it possible that a channel that drives less than a tenth of your traffic drives over a quarter of your profit? Simple – people who were recommended products spent more time on the site, returned more frequently and had a higher average order size.

Bonus idea: With wine POS, you can make these recommendations even more powerful by creating recommendations based on a customer’s individual purchase history. 

Offer a Discount

Discounts in the wine industry are a complicated matter. Whether or not you agree with it, the fact is, discounting works. In fact, 93% of people use discounts they receive in emails and it makes sense. But how can you offer a discount in a way that minimises any long-term damage to your brand? You play it smart.

Consider how many times you’ve been shopping online and looked at the final total of your order only to take a few items out because it was too much money. Would you do the same if you had a 10$ discount code in your email receipt? Would you go back and buy those other items you were thinking about? Chances are you would.

Now, of course, we recommend that this is a time-limited offer, encouraging customers to increase their spending when you know they are in the mood for spending money. But when used smartly it can be remarkably effective.

Bonus idea: Instead of simply providing a discount, consider starting a referral program where customers need to recommend your wines to friends to access the cheaper prices.

Get Social and Ask for Feedback

Ask to stay in touch! Whether it’s asking customers to sign up for your newsletter or to follow you on social media, a callout in your email may be the first step to a lasting relationship. Social media can humanise your brand, creating a voice online that your customers can engage with on a day-to-day basis to foster great loyalty to your brand.

You can also use this email to make sure you’re doing a good job. Whether it’s a quick survey or even a request for that all-important Trip Advisor or Google review, why not ask? If these customers have bought from you, chances are they have something good to say and so many people are willing to share their good experiences to help the businesses they care about. 

Bonus idea: Go a step further and ask them to review individual wines they liked on your website. These in turn may help new customers dive in and make that first purchase. 

Promote Your Wine Club

Wine clubs are the number one way a winery can guarantee repeat sales from a customer, so why not include the benefits of being a member and instructions on to sign up? Customers may have been unwilling to sign up in your location because you were their first stop or they wanted to see what else was available. By including this in your email, you get a second chance and by making it easy, some people may take you up on that offer.

Bonus idea: Consider putting in a special offer to sign up to your wine club, where customers who have purchased a case of wine are eligible for a credit on their first wine club purchase if they sign up in 48 hours.

So are you convinced yet? We’ve got one last fact for you. The same Conversio study found that every receipt you send earns $0.25 in revenue (and that’s without taking into receipts that include discount offers.)

So how many sales do you make a day in your cellar door and how much money have you missed out on this week?


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