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Three Reasons We Love Wine POS

September 13, 2018

We often get asked, "why do I need a wine POS? I have a cash register and a website and they both work fine." For us, the answer is simple.

Your cash register doesn’t talk to your e-commerce site, your wine club is completely separate from the rest of your sales, and at the end of every day you’re stuck trying to figure out how many bottles of wine were used for tasting at your cellar door. Your cash register works, your website works, but is that really good enough

Mobile POS is the perfect solution. It doesn’t just work fine. It’s built around integration and it’s more than the sum of its parts. By bringing together the unique elements of your business it allows you to grow and improve easily while also streamlining what you’re doing.

 So with that in mind, here are three big reasons we love winery POS.

1. Wine POS Can Save You Time

The major difference between your cash register and a POS system is the ability to not only capture data but to use that data to automate tasks for you.

Whether it’s keeping track of wine used for tastings, breakages or even your wine club sales, stock management is the one thing we hear winery owners complain about the most. It’s essential, particularly when you’re running more than one sales channel, but it is always time consuming. However, when you use POS, it’s automatically done for you. As purchases are made, these products are automatically adjusted within your system, saving you the hassle (as well as time and money!)

Another time saving feature of many POS systems is streamlined bank reconciliations. While traditional systems require manual reconciliations, the data collected can instantly connect transactions and speed up this process significantly. Your accountant will love you!

2. Wine POS Can Help You Sell Smarter

Just like the data collected from POS can be used to automate tasks, it can also be used to give you true insights into how your business is performing.

From popular products to not-so-popular ones, POS helps you understand what is selling in great detail and also allows you to compare that to previous years. What’s good about that? It helps you know where you should be spending your time. For example, if you think that your Rosé sales will start to pick up in September, you might post about Rosé on your social media. But what happens when they actually picked up in October? You have wasted time and effort with no real gain. 

Also, when your POS is linked to your customers via a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool, you can by-pass the social media post altogether and simply email the people who have bought your Rosé in the past to let them know that it's the perfect time of the year to stock up again.

Understanding who your customers are and what they want makes selling to them easier.

But it’s not only products. POS can also help you understand the difference between different locations and help you seamlessly manage these, including pop-ups. Whether you'd like to know which of your staff members is outperforming others or which time of the day is your busiest, a good POS can make it easier for you to make smart decisions.

3. It Can Improve Your Relationship with Your Customers

Switching to a POS system isn’t limited to internal benefits to your winery. This technology can also drive a strong relationship with your customers with features built specifically to increase engagement.

This is where we think WithWine truly shines. As wine consumers, we wanted to improve the customer experience, so these are some of our favourite features.

There are the basics – a more intuitive checkout flow that allows for quicker sales processing and not to mention, mobile POS giving every staff member their own personal cash register, but that wasn’t enough for us.

Clients using WithWine can sign customers up to their newsletters right at the point when they’re engaged with you and drinking your wine.

Face it, there aren’t many people who will remember to go and sign up after they’ve left your cellar door. This incredible database growth is a stand-out feature made stronger for our clients who can capture emails and tie them to past purchase history to build super-targeted email campaigns as we've mentioned above.

This growth isn’t limited to just your newsletter either. We’ve also made it just as easy to sign up people to your wine clubs.

We’ve automated the process of sending email receipts as another option for customer engagement.

Unsurprisingly, these email open rates commonly sit around 70% (compared to 17% for other emails) and with a higher click-through rate, they represent the perfect chance for increased engagement with customers you know are interested in your product. 

What Are You Waiting For?

In the end, it's simple: When you have data, you can be smart. When you can be smart, you can save time and money doing what will have the biggest impact on your business. "Working fine" isn’t good enough for us, working smarter is better.

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