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Why Wineries Should Embrace Contactless Payments

July 16, 2021

Contactless payment is pretty much everywhere nowadays. No longer something that’s relegated to festivals and markets, mobile POS payments are on the rise and are only going to increase.

Data analyst Statista forecasts the transactional value of mobile POS payments to increase to $AU88.8m by 2025. If you are hesitating about embracing contactless payments at your cellar door here is our take on why you should consider introducing it in your business. 

Mobile POS Payments – Transaction Value

It’s The Preferred Payment Method for Australians

Cash is out and mobile payments are in. According to the Reserve Bank of Australia’s 2019 Consumer Payments Survey, 4 out of every 5 in-person card payments were contactless. And the reason why is pretty obvious: Convenience.

Consumers can now make payments using their credit or debit cards, smartphones, mobile wallets, smartwatches or fitness trackers and even fobs. No more searching in your wallet for cash or waiting for customers to input their PIN.

The Pandemic Accelerated The Change

PayWave and PayPass technology has been around for a while now (since 2006!), but the 2020 pandemic accelerated the change to contactless payment. It is now rare to come across a business that only accepts cash. To decrease the risk of transmission consumers were encouraged to use digital wallets and contactless payment for even small transactions. A year of living like that and we are all used to reaching for our smartphones to pay with Google/Apple Pay, our bank apps, and more.

Increased Security For the Customer

When using a POS with contactless payments, the device or card never leaves the consumer’s hand. Additionally, the technology used in contactless payments is a lot more secure than other forms of payments.

Fraud losses on contactless payments remain consistently low. According to a 2018 report, 85 per cent of credit card fraud occurs online as in-person fraud becomes more and more difficult. But most importantly, contactless payments are PCI-compliant. So businesses can be positive that they will maintain a good reputation and avoid potential chargebacks.

It Improves the Customer Experience

Wineries and especially those with a cellar door know that the customer experience is extremely important. Not only can having contactless payment options help speed up a transaction for a business, but it also decreases wait time for customers in the cellar door. Customers don’t even need to wait for a receipt as one can be emailed to them from the mobile POS. Find out more about emailing receipts here.

Technology Is Changing with Consumers

Companies like Stripe and Square have permeated the market. They use NFC (near field communication), a radio frequency that communicates data between the digital wallet or card with a POS device wirelessly. It’s quick, seamless, and doesn’t even require a PIN.

We recognised the need to integrate with both Stripe and Square many years ago and we now have our own Tap & Go Terminal powered by Stripe called wwPAY. It is connected to our mobile POS and the rest of the WithWine software ecosystem. For a seamless transaction experience for wineries.

To get your hands on WithWine's Tap & Go Card Terminal, Reach out to us to find out more.

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